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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Phone Signs That Shows Your Phone's Battery Is Faulty

After my previous  post on How To Avoid Errors That Shortens Cell Phone's Battery Life, I got a mail from one of my blog readers asking me for tips that will help him to detect if his phone's battery is faulty. He said "Please, do you have any tips for detecting if my phone's battery is faulty? It has been functioning properly, but I discovered recently that the phone shutdown at a point where my battery indicator was showing eleven percent (11%). What should I do?"

Thank you for your question. I do have tips that comes to mind and it will solve the problem. It certainly helped me return my smartphone battery to hold the time it took before it goes off when it was new. 

Did you notice that the battery of the cell phone can no longer hold the time it took before or that the device is turning off even when the charge is still above 11%? It may be the right time to replace the battery, and it may also be a problem with your smartphone's operating system. You now have the opportunity to read this post on Phone Signs That Shows Your Phone's Battery Is Faulty and see how you can detect the problem!

Lifespan of Smartphone's Battery:

Firstly, you have to know how much time your cell phone has. It is normal for older devices to have shorter battery life because lithium-ion batteries work with a number of charge cycles, and over time these cycles will decrease. So if you are not thinking of switching to a new smartphone phone, it is best to seek the manufacturer's assistance in replacing the battery.

Overheating of Smartphone:

Another case in which it is also worth changing the battery is when it begins to overheat even when you are not using the device. In addition to the high temperature damaging it even more as seen in the previous post, overheating and even fires can happen!

Upgrading the Operating System of Smartphone:

The battery life drop may happen if you upgrade the operating system of your smartphone. This will cause the smartphone to be slowing down and thereby, consuming more power. This is common because newer systems have several functions that were not programmed when the phone was launched and it ends up overloading the smartphone.

The solution here is to see if the manufacturer releases a patch update, or try to restore the phone to the previous version of the operating system or factory settings. Oh, but do not forget to back up all your files, photos and music so you do not risk losing everything, okay?

Smartphone Applications:

Smartphone applications may be seen as one of the problems that cause a reduction in your battery life. Smartphone Music, video, GPS and game apps spend a lot of battery life. So take a look at your phone's battery management to know the apps that consumed much energy. On the iPhone, just go into "Settings" and search for "Battery". On Android, you need to go into "Settings" and then "Battery".

There are other signals that also indicate that the problem may be in the system, such as applications that are slow to start, crashes when you are surfing the internet, the screen brightness does not get maximum, the speakers that stop working or are too long or social networking, e-mail, or other applications that receive background data, which suddenly stops updating. In these cases, it is best to try to update the system or restore the phone.

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Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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