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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How To Earn Money Using Moxilla Firefox Browser

There is a new version of Firefox browser created by Moxilla that can generate money to its users. This latest development has been seen as a most reliable way of getting paid for doing nothing compared with the other referral programs online that ends up being a scam.

Predominantly, promises to make money by surfing the internet are usually part of scams. But, it is different in the case of a new bounty hunting bounty program created by Mozilla. With it, Firefox users can be paid for automatically detected bugs while using the browser.

Mozilla has created a special version of the Firefox browser designed to scan for potential security holes. The application is designed in such a way that when the browser detects an error, it sends the information to Mozilla. The foundation then analyses the vulnerability and, if it considers that it is indeed a threat and can be corrected by its engineers, rewards the browser user in cash.

The project is called ASan Nightly, and it lives inside a Firefox Browser that has just been released on Linux. A tool inserted in the browser can identify when the user opens a page that uses a code or script that can trigger a browser bug. So, he does not have to do anything other than simply visit websites and services he usually visits, while helping developers to improve browser security.

Mozilla says it will include all Firefox users ASan Nightly within the Bugzilla program, which already pays cash reward to those who find flaws. The foundation will consider only bugs with security implications that have not yet been reported by other bug hunters. Paid amounts start at $ 500 for faults considered moderate, or $ 3,000 for critical ones.

Besides being only available on Linux for now, the browser requires a powerful enough computer to run: you need to have as much as 16 GB of RAM. Mozilla plans to release versions for Windows and MacOS in the future. Interested in being part of the program can download the browser through the official website of Mozilla.

Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

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