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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Company Funded by Google Founder Tests Standalone Flying Taxi

Kitty Hawk, one of Google's founders, Larry Page, revealed yesterday its stand-alone flying taxi project. The vehicle is called Cora, and has been successfully tested recently in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cora took eight years from its idealization to its first successful test, according to the company.The aircraft has a wingspan of 10.9 meters and 12 electric motors on its wings, with which it is able to land and take off vertically, carrying up to two passengers. The video below shows Cora in operation:

With the twelve engines, Cora can fly at speeds of up to 177 kilometers per hour, and can travel about 100 kilometers without having to land to recharge. During his travels, he reaches a maximum altitude of 914 meters above the ground, according to the Guardian.

For now, according to the New York Times, Kitty Hawk's idea is not just to manufacture and sell Cora; the company also intends to operate a network of autonomous flying taxis, similar to Uber - but in the air, and without pilots.

Taxis of the future

It is the first time that Google's founder reveals his plans involving flying cars - however, speculation has been around for quite some time. With this revelation, Kitty Hawk hopes to be able to make its first commercial flights in New Zealand in three years. For the country, it will be an opportunity to get ahead in a market that should move trillions over the next few years.

An important aspect of Cora is that since it works totally with electricity, it is very good from the point of view of sustainability. This is in line with New Zealand's goals of zeroing its carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, according to the country's first minister.

It is also worth noting, as Engadget does, that this is not the only stand-alone flying taxi project currently being developed. The European company Volocopter intends to operate its own line of vehicles of this type by 2020. Ehang is even more advanced, and has even even tested its vehicles with several passengers.

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