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Monday, 3 July 2017

See How Woman's Breast Turned Black After Horrendous Boob Job

Woman's breast turned black in colour and her nipples died and fell off after horrendous breast augmentation surgery.

A breast augmentation patient was left scarred for life by a Romanian surgeon, now banned from the UK, who left with her dying nipples.

Distraught Kirsty Adam, 24, from Glasgow underwent breast augmentation following weight loss which caused her breasts to 'sag', opting for a mastopexy - or uplift procedure - with implants to increase her bust size from a 36D to a DD cup.

She paid UK surgery company Transform £6,000 rather than go abroad for a budget deal, hoping it would be safer, but Kirsty says the procedure left her looking like someone had 'hacked away' at her 'with a blunt, rusty knife' - and left her with necrotic flesh.

Now her surgeon Dr Vana Vasilescu has left the UK following an investigation which saw her 'erased' from the General Medical Council register.

Meanwhile, Kirsty has been left with no nipples and has to have them tattooed on while undergoing laser treatment for scarring.

Brave Kirsty, who works as a dental nurse, has decided to open up about her horrific two-year ordeal.

She said: 'I initially did some research to see what I could do.

'I knew my breasts would have to be cosmetically fixed and that surgery was the only option - so I decided to get a mastopexy. 'You hear more horror stories from people that go abroad than you do in the UK. And I thought I'd be safe here.

'You never think something bad is going to happen to you, but obviously it did. I've been left with lasting damage and it's even worse than before.

'It sounds harsh but it looks like somebody's hacked away at me with a blunt, rusty knife.'

In January 2015, Kirsty contacted leading cosmetic surgery provider Transform over the internet.

She arranged a consultation meeting with a coordinator at the Transform clinic Glasgow to discuss a breast augmentation in May 2015. 

And month later she attended a pre-surgery assessment with Dr Vasilescu. The surgeon discussed the treatment and showed Kirsty pictures of other women who had, apparently, undergone the same procedure.

Kirsty paid almost £6,000 for the treatment, an insurance policy and extensive aftercare - just in case anything went wrong.

She was booked in for surgery with Dr Vasilescu at the private BMI Kings Park Clinic in Stirling on 25 July 2015, and returned home a day after the operation.

Kirsty returned to the Glasgow clinic for check-ups where nurses cleaned her wounds and changed bandages. But she sensed something was wrong and when her nipples became 'partially necrotic'.

Parts of her breasts turned black and pieces of dying flesh had to be removed. She said: 'After the surgery, I went to get my dressings changed. The nurse said that I had necrosis - rotting flesh.

'I knew this was possible from my research because the nipples are getting taken off and put back on and sometimes part of it can not heal right.

'Every time I went back they took bits off. I thought it was to help the skin regenerate and grow again.

'I looked down at it and it was black. I knew it shouldn't look that colour, but I trusted the nurse.'

Kirsty eventually got another appointment to see Dr Vasilescu on 16 August after the surgeon had returned from holiday.

She said the medic assured her that everything was in order before putting a plaster back on the wound. But Kirsty raised concerns with the clinic before demanding to see another surgeon - and that was the last time she saw Dr Vasilescu.

Kirsty said: 'She just took the plasters off and pulled a face. She said it was "fine" and put new plasters on it.

'I felt terrible. I knew something wasn't right. I don't know if it was the language barrier of whether it was ignorance, but she just didn't seem to have any compassion.

'I went out to reception to ask whether I could see another surgeon because I wasn't happy.

'I asked specifically not to see her and never saw her after that.'

Another surgeon was then tasked with re-examining her and he treated the wound before putting Kirsty on a course of antibiotics to stop the infection.

Kirsty said: 'I went to see another surgeon. Straight away when he took the plasters off, he said I need antibiotics because there was an infection.

'He wrote me a prescription, cleaned it and put plasters on it again.

'I started the antibiotics and was on them for a week to clear the infection up.'

Kirsty attended further check-ups and eventually learned that Dr Vasilescu had left the company.

She claims she then discovered a number of other young women had experienced similar problems after being treated by Dr Vasilescu. 

She said: 'The next time we went in was to make a complaint. She (Dr Vasilescu) wasn't working there anymore.

'I was quite shocked that this happened at one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery places. I was just in disbelief.'
Dr Vasilescu appeared before an interim orders tribunal at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) on 8th August, 2016 following a GMC investigation.

The hearing looked at whether the surgeon's registration should be restricted while allegations about her conduct were resolved.

Dr Vasilescu was handed an interim suspension before finally being erased from the register on 10 February 2017. She is now no longer allowed to perform surgeries in the UK. But she continues to work her home country of Romania and even continues to advertise her services on the internet.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) said it would 'not comment on individual cases' and was only able to confirm Dr Vasilescu's registration status.

A spokeswoman said the surgeon had been erased by the GMC for 'administrative reasons'.

Meanwhile, Kirsty is undergoing revision surgery which is being carried out by an independent practitioner in England. This is in addition to laser treatment aimed at healing her scars and tattooing work to replace her nipples, which she claims Transform are funding.

Kirsty claims she was offered £250 compensationas a 'goodwill gesture' but rejected the money.

She said: 'I have to get revision surgery done because there is so much damage.' 

'Nothing is where it should be. Everything is too high up. My breasts are really hard, they're sore and I have no nipples.' 

'I've put on weight because of the stress and not being able to keep active.'

'Now it looks like somebody's hacked away at me with a blunt, rusty knife.'

'For £6,000 that should not be the case - for getting it done in the UK.'

'It makes you lose faith in the health care system and all these regulations that are out there.

'I'm happy to speak out as long as it stops other people from getting treated in this way.'

Transform confirmed Dr Vasilescu no longer works for them but they have refused to provide the reasons.

Source: Daily Mail Uk

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