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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Secret Of Ardent Desire To Be A Politician Exposed

The political system in Nigeria is one of the most famous political compositions in Africa and the world in general. Most of the people living in the country are adamant to become politicians some day. Ideally, people become politicians because they have competing views on how society should be improved drastically. These views act as a motivator to their political ambition. They arrange the populace to get their messages across by way of rendering a manifesto, and allow the people to decide the one they think it will be of a greater benefit to them. People's choice of favourable points from the manifesto reveal that they have their candidate to support. After election, the winner gets a chance to implement his programmes. If these programmes do not please the people, he introduces another set of ideas for the next election. 

The way things actually are showing in recent political tussles in Nigeria indicate that people are attracted to politics because of many different reasons. These include power, business promotion, material benefit, international relation, popularity, etc. 


Some people are attracted to politics because of power or authority. They want to exercise that right to control and influence people or things. They want to be listening to words said based on their leadership. They are proud on hearing words ranging from the president’s powers to deal with the subordinates, the governor's powers to bring investors to the state, and other words too numerous to mention. 

Business Interest 

People seek to be involved in politics so as to protect or promote their business interests. We have various business tycoons venturing into politics. The business they do is their livelihoods. They go as far as becoming political office holders, so that they can have one or two ways to satisfy their business priorities by working to protect and preserve its potential for success. Those who have not been involved in business join politics to get the principal needed for start-up of a planned business. They  are overwhelmed by the desire to make rules that favour their individual businesses. They always end up hurting others. 

Material Benefit

People strive to become politicians because of the desires for material benefit through rampant corruption. Perhaps, because they are unable to earn a living by any other means. A material benefit means that it is battening the person involved, his family, community, and leaving others flat busted or dead broke. Material benefits can be measured or tangible and cannot be measured or it is intangible. Those ones that can be measured are the salaries and allowances, festival's gifts, etc. The benefits that cannot be measured are characterised by corrupt practices. Embezzlement of public funds, coveting for public property and claiming as yours, Stealing the nation's resources, etc are few of those benefits that cannot be measured. It is intangible when you have successfully sold out the country's assets and have the money deposited in different foreign bank accounts. Therefore, people engage in politics to care for their happiness rather than the happiness of the masses. 

Summarily, the challenge of the ordinary people who are the electorates is to try and stop all those who seek office for motives other than offering a competing view for the common good and for a place in history, as described in the history of our founding fathers. The point about a place in history does deserve attention. There is evidence in some parts of the world where democracy is well developed, that people who attained self fulfilment in other walks of life enter into politics to immortalise their names through selfless service to society. Unfortunately, many people who have acquired political offices in Nigeria, have no knowledge of how history is made. 

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Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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