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Friday, 29 April 2016

Lack Of Transparency And Accountability Amongst Nigerian Politicians

A public official and a citizen need each other to strengthen and encourage an idea for successful implementation of projects. A public office holder who is not transparent and he/she is not in the state of being accountable, restrict the citizen from having a say about issues that concern the government and a chance to change the development of fluctuating decision-making and hold those making decisions to account. However, a public official is said to be transparent if and only if he/she has a duty to act openly, predictably and understandably to promote participation and accountability. These will serve as a catalyst for the creation of an avenue for the citizens to have the means, resources and opportunities to influence decision-making and affect development outcomes. 

The reason many politicians in Nigeria do the things that have been hindering our development is because they see that they can get away with acting in their selfish interest. The tendency to act selfishly in order to promote one's own interest is the underlying factor in neoclassical economics. This is an approach to economics that relates supply and demand to an individual's rationality and his or her ability to maximize utility or profit. This shows that they are catechized with the idea of creating wealth for their households only. They have drawn a line to demarcate the involvement of ordinary citizens in the running of day to day activities of the government. 

The reason why people do not cheat others in regular transactions is the belief that the other party will retaliate in the subsequent transaction. But where transactions are not repeated people will tend to maximize their interest and not caring about what becomes of the other party. To ensure that does not happen, if it did, trade would decline, limits should be placed on certain behaviours seen in public offices. There should also be an imposition of incredible sanctions. These restrictions, which are the consequences of unacceptable behaviours, usually condition people to certain habits common to citizens of this great nation.

We should be planning on setting up a reliable institutions that can checkmate the activities and behaviours of our public officials. Where the instructions are not well developed, public office holders get away with things, and pursue selfish acts that may damage the common well-being. Our challenge is to keep our institutions awake by speaking up, and treating with contempt the decrees of those who are supposed to lead these instructions, but do not do what is proper. Many of them are our neighbours, and come to dine with us. Too often we are overcome by title and pander these people and sometimes flatter them in a way that they begin to believe their own lies.

Public officials who abuse public office do so because their neighbours, that is part of the citizens, would laugh at them if they came back without great material gains to show for their time in government. Besides changing our attitudes in favour of honouring those who have served without enriching themselves, we need to help people understand that the dignity of meritorious service has its material rewards. 

Those in government who are afraid to return to the rain from which power had provided shelter, need to see the examples of others that benefit from faithful service. They are multitudinous. At the moment many are grabbing to provide for the rainy day after public office. But many who have done so, are broke today. A former public servant with a good reputation can take advantage of many opportunities the government or other organisations can offer. Transparency is the key to successful administration.

Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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