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Friday, 5 February 2016

How To Request Money Or Airtime From Your Debtors On BBM

Let me start by saying that you should not hesitate to request for what rightly belongs to you. There is an American proverb which states that in God we trust, all others must pay cash. This implies that if you have trusted all others and allows them to go without paying you for your services; they will certainly end up becoming debtors. A debtor can be a person or a firm that owes you money. Knowing quite well that creditors have better memories than debtors, there is a need to always keep them reminded of their debts.

This can be achieved by using the modern technologies as seen in the development of apps that can serve various purposes. These apps have made it easy to sit at the comfort of your home to transact any financial transactions that you have ever thought of carrying out on a particular day and time. It works 24 hours all days. You only need a good internet connection from your mobile service provider to run the apps. Meanwhile, there are others that work without the use of the internet connection. Such apps can be used in remote villages where there is no mobile network coverage. They are called offline apps.

As far as a debtor is concerned, he/she would never pay you back until you request for your money. Social media networking, example includes Google+, BBM, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc, have made it simple to communicate with one another. You can always start up a conversation with your debtor, but not directly asking him/her of the debts at first instance of the chat.

This leads me to write this tutorial on the use of BBM chat window to request for your debts to be paid. The payment can be in the form of money or airtime transactions right within the BBM chat window. In other for this to work, you have to download the apps that perform the magic. The app is named Quickteller Mini.

You can get Quickteller Mini on Google play (Play Store), the Apple App Store and BlackBerry World. Android phone users should click on Play Store application on their phones and allow it to load. When it is opened, touch the search icon, write Quickteller Mini and press enter on your phone keyboard (or search button at the bottom of the phone keyboard). The Apps with the name and similar names will be listed. But make sure that you select Quickteller Mini, click on install to download and install it on your phone. Users of Blackberry can visit the Blackberry World on their phone and get the app, while users of Apple phones can easily get it on the Apple App Store.

Steps to Set-up Quickteller Mini

After installation, search for Quickteller Mini on your phone and open the application. You will notice a message welcoming you back, and a sign in form with a provision for Email or Phone and Password. You will be required to sign up since you are a new user. Click on ‘sign up here’ at the bottom and fill the necessary information. 

If sign up is successful, the next step will be to link your BBM. This is the magic sauce that makes it possible to send and accept your requests from BBM. Follow the instructions on your screen to get this app successfully linked to your BBM. Click on continue once that is done. 

The next step is titled ‘Open in BBM’. Here you are required to register with BBM by answering a simply question. You will be ask to choose if you want to give the Quickteller Mini application permission to access your BBM contact list and to send notifications. The permission should be granted. Finally, you will receive a ‘Congratulations’ message on your screen.

Now that you have setup your account you can always use the Quickteller icon (Q) in the BBM attachment menu. You can click on continue at the bottom to see the details on your profile.

Get your family and friends to install the app so that it will be possible to request for money and airtime from them via your usual BBM chat. Do not forget to check if your debtor has the application so that you can send him/her a request to pay the debt.

Below is the request format I used to send my debtor and get paid the following day:

Good Morning Bro! Please you owe from last night’s birthday party, I will send you a request to pay up now.

Quickteller Request:
Please pay up for your share of last night’s birthday party costs.

How it Works?

Simply tap the Quickteller icon from the attachment menu while chatting with a friend to compose a special request for money or airtime. The request would be sent to your friend's BBM and all he or she has to do is tap it and enter her card details and your account is credited immediately. 

Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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