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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

ExxonMobil Graduate Recruitment 2016 (Geoscience Opportunities)

Job Title or Campus Folder: 2016 Global Geoscience Campus

Job description: Degree/Discipline Needed BS, MS or PhD Geology, quantitative background advantageous BS, MS or PhD Geophysics, geologic background advantageous. 

What are we looking for? A diverse group of talented geoscientists with the ability to integrate knowledge, ideas and skills to solve geologic problems across exploration, and production functions; Judgement and speed in application of geoscience tools and techniques; and, a desire to maintain their competitive advantage through advanced training and superior technological understanding. Exploration and production geologists and geophysicists ExxonMobil is interested in finding outstanding scientists who have a strong fundamental background in the earth sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics. We have excellent proprietary capabilities in teaching petroleum science and technology, and therefore do not require new geoscientists to have any prior petroleum course work or experience.

There is, however, a requirement for demonstrated leadership, adaptability, teamwork, excellent communication skills in English, and a commitment to high safety and ethical standards. The company regards its global and long-term approach to hiring and career development as the foundation of its future success as a company, and as a source of great opportunity for scientists who want to grow their skills and capabilities for a long-term career.

Researchers Geoscience careers with ExxonMobil also offer the opportunity to perform basic and Applied research in seeking new ways to find and recover petroleum supplies. Our research programs reflect exploration and production business strategies; for example, pursuing attractive exploration opportunities, developing production from new fields, and maximizing economic recovery from existing fields. We maintain close relationships with ExxonMobil operating organizations around the world. A primary means for transferring technology to ExxonMobil operations is through research applications in which results of recent research are applied to a wide range of exploration and production problems. In many cases, these technical experts are made available to ExxonMobil operating organizations through temporary or regular assignments.

ExxonMobil is recruiting high calibre postgraduate geoscientists for initial assignment in its Exploration, Development and Production functions in Europe, Russia, Caspian, North Africa and North America.

During ExxonMobil's Early Career Programme, Geoscientists can expect to be assigned to offices including Leatherhead, Hanover, Stavanger, Lagos or Houston and other locations.

Eligibility for our geoscience graduate scheme
  • To be eligible for our geoscience graduate scheme, you must be in the process of obtaining or hold a BSc, with a pass of at least 2:1 (>60%) or equivalent and Masters or PhD in Geoscience, Geophysics or a closely related subject.
  • The current right to work in the UK. 

Geoscience Application Process 

Please note that if you are attaching your CV to your application, that all references to your date of birth and age should be removed. 

Before applying online:
  • We require that you hold a BSc and Masters or PhD in Geoscience (Geology, Geophysics) or a closely related subject - if you do not have degree in the correct subject, your application will be rejected.
  • That you are geographically mobile.

The application process includes:

  • Online application form (click on 'Apply Now' from any of the Geoscience or Graduate Opportunities pages). 
  • Application screen by ExxonMobil. 
  • Campus Interview where applicable. 
  • Potential to be invited to a short course or field trip.
  • Face-to-Face interview with functional manager at one of our office locations.
  • Final Decision. 

Field Trip

In recent years, we have held a number of field trips in the Ainsa Basin in Spain, the coast of County Clare, Ireland and the Dorset coast in southern England. These trips present candidates with a fabulous opportunity to work with a team of ExxonMobil Geoscientists.

The primary focus of these trips is to provide a selection of geoscience students with an opportunity to see how we, at ExxonMobil, do our technical work and to share learnings from the experience. 

Participants will meet members of the global Geoscience function, which will provide a real insight into the way we operate. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to talk to the people that we have recently recruited and so find out how their careers have developed during their time with ExxonMobil.

Candidates considered suitable may be invited to join a field trip in Europe.

Benefits and Training

The benefits and training that you can expect as a geoscience graduate are outlined below.

Starting salaries

Geoscience starting salaries currently range from £37,500 to £42,000 depending on your university degree level (i.e. BSc, Masters, PhD). These salaries are reviewed each year
prior to your start date meaning that you could get your first salary increase before you've even joined us!

ExxonMobil Geoscience graduate benefits package

Every company offers something slightly different in the way of benefits and rewards. Trying to make sense of it can often be a minefield, trying to understand what it all means and how this relates to you. Well, no more! To try and help you navigate though this area, we've listed our benefits in plain English, giving an indication of salary contributions needed for certain benefits. We hope that this makes for easy reading.

Salary and allowances

We offer a highly competitive salary starting £38,500 for Masters - more if you have a PhD. This figure is reviewed annually. It is possible therefore, that you could receive your first pay increase before you actually start work!

You salary will be reviewed every six months in your first two years, with increases based on your performance to date. You can also expect to receive a location allowance if you are based in Leatherhead. This currently stands as at £1500 per year. This increase reflects the increased cost of living in this area and is added to your salary each month.


If you're in your final year at University or have recently graduated, trying to make ends meet can be difficult. As soon as you accept a job offer with us in writing, we will
present you with a cheque for £1000 to do with as you please.

Relocation allowance

Moving home can be costly, and to help you with this you will receive £2500 gross in your first salary payment to help ease this burden. You don't have to use it for moving home, put it towards a flat, a car or maybe that pair of shoes that have been calling you from the shop window for ages!

In addition to this allowance, you can also claim via our employee expenses system, costs for transport to move all of your belongings to your new location.


When you first join us you are entitled to received a £1500 interest free loan to be paid back over your first year with us.

Hotel accommodation

For your first month with us we will arrange paid accommodation for you for 4 weeks.

Share Scheme

The ExxonMobil Share Scheme works on a two for one basis up to 2.5% of your salary. This effectively means for every £30 you put into the scheme, you will get £90 of shares (please note the price of shares can fall as well as rise). Over a few years that's quite a bit of money!


Our Pension is a contributory defined benefit plan (sometimes referred to as a final salary scheme). Employees make a contribution of between 1.5% and 6.5% of pensionable pay but the actual amount paid depends on total earnings.

The company currently contributes around 30% of your pensionable pay to the Plan to fund the final pension benefit. All employee contributions receive tax relief at your highest rate of tax. There is also an AVC scheme for additional pension contributions.

Holiday entitlement

You will get 25 days holiday in your first year, which runs from January to December, and this will be pro-rated. This is in addition to local bank holidays.

Career Break

After you have got an established career you can take five years career break to travel the world, raise a family or just relax.

Child Care Vouchers

Parents or guardians may choose to substitute part of their basic salary each month for child care vouchers. These vouchers can be used on a continuous basis, or saved for periods where longer child care is needed - such as school summer holidays. By utilising the voucher scheme, over a one year period, higher rate tax payers could save approximately £1000 in National Insurance and Tax.

Once in a lifetime

This is an added arrangement to the holiday entitlement where you can take unpaid leave for upto one month in addition to your holiday entitlement for once in a lifetime event.

Day of Caring

We take our community responsibilities seriously therefore we give as much back to the community as possible. As part of this, we arrange a number of 'Days of Caring' where instead of going to work, you could be brightening the lives of children in temporary accommodation, rebuilding vandalised areas of the community or repainting a hospital. Take a look at what we did this year.

Sports Facilities

At a number of our locations we have subsidised gym facilities on site therefore there's no longer an excuse not to go to the gym!

Subsidised dining facilities

At a number of our locations we have subsidised dining facilities where you can eat like a king for much less than a princely sum.

Active Social Clubs at most locations

We have a whole range of social clubs open to all employees. If there isn't one to suit you then you are more than welcome to suggest a new one to us!

Geoscience training and development opportunities

A Real Job From Day One - From the start you will be doing a real job and genuinely contributing to the business. Job moves tend not to occur within your first 12 months as we prefer to allow you to consolidate your experiences to be in a position to add value in your next assignment before moving on. We believe that on-the-job experiences still present the best learning opportunities, but this will be supported by practical and theoretical functional and technical skills training.

Opportunities Abroad - Mobility is a key competency we look for in all graduates as most will be expected to travel abroad for training or on business. International assignments, particularly to Houston are very common for Geoscientists.

Continuous Development - Regular reviews and appraisals with your supervisor keep your continual growth on track, but we actively encourage you to take ownership of your own career by identifying personal development needs and opportunities in line with business needs. As such you will have an individually tailored development plan and a career which offers a continual learning process.

Source: ExxonMobil

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