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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Funny First Date Experience (2016)

By now most of us have given up on our usual January attempts to do away with some of the downs that our unrestrained festive period holiday banged on us. We have given jollification and being present at bashes a break. We have hit the ground running, and never to stop until we get back certain things that were lost. The most ardent of us may have even dabbled with regaining such stuff urgently. Yet as the days go by, we are slowly adjusting to a different, slightly new motive of life and learning to embrace the additional benefits of it.

Relatively, that is how most of us operate. A limited pick of some of us will take one last, valiant step and decide to give recapturing of our belongings a try. You know, the techniques used really sucks at times. Not everyone can afford the courage to execute this recovery mechanism, though, and opt instead to invite friends to make the repossessing processes quick and easy.

The festive period is always cumbersome in all its ramifications. Due to the high level of demands, relatives both family and friends are unceasingly ignored. The end product of this deliberate action of paying no attention to relatives is quarrel. This may lead to a severe damage in the relationship.

Affectow is a town known for having two zealous lovers whose love continue to grow day by day. The guy is nicknamed T-love while the lady rolled with the name M-baby. They were regularly seen together in the restaurants, parties, cinemas, beaches and game resorts. They shared a greater percentage of their time in the same place. People observed and also tagged them as having a romantic partnership. This was true in all its divarications. Nobody would ever thought of their love being split soon, as the heart of passers-by admirers were withdrawn from thinking of a possible relationship with either T-love or M-baby. 

But the expansion of their love was inhibited during the festive period. M-baby needed to be taken care of like every other woman who is lucky to be emotionally attached to a rich lover. T-love was up to the task until when he was compelled to tender his resignation from service post due to the limited time he has for the job.

T-love was a senior special adviser (SSA) to the leader of Affectow on pork (pig meat) matters. He was a field officer who gathers accurate data to compile reports and submit to the leader. He never lacks pork. As such, M-baby’s preferred meat was pork because of its availability and low fat content. He resigned for the reason of not having enough time to write report and submit as at due date.

The resignation comes a month to the festive season. At length a rumour reached me that he was lavishing money saved during service. Before I could call him to order, the money has already been exhausted. Consequently, he was not able to meet with the demands of M-baby any more and the love depreciated. The relationship was put off and each of them minding his/her business.

As Carl Jung stated “one looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings”. M-baby started having the desire for another guy as a companion, and that she achieved. But she never erases completely the feelings she has for T-love.

After the whole period of merriment, it was a dawn of a new era of reclaiming her stolen and broken love life. She planned on the strategy of getting T-love back. Notwithstanding her failed attempt in many occasions, she keeps her faith high.

M-baby needed a carefree time and she decided to go to Affectow Beach. Coincidentally, she sighted T-love from afar. She waited for him to take a seat before approaching the site. He did exactly what was expected from him. M-baby with her tear-rubber leather hand bag walked down to meet him and they exchanged greetings. She took her seat, and boldly removed a bottle of Zobo Drink with some apples and a rubber cup. This makes their reconciliation smooth and fun to watch. It was a funny date, but the relationship that has evolved over time and at a point got terminated came back to life with the greatest respect and love for each other like never before.

Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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