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Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Newest Couple In Town

It is so great to find that one special person you want to be with for the rest of your life.

It all started with an initial section of which the family of Mr/Mrs Edet Alexander were made to know the young man that want to marry their daughter whose name is Precious Edet Alexander.

There is no other person on the face of this earth that she would rather accept to come to her house for marriage introduction than a gentle, handsome, intelligent, Extensionist, Economist and a famous entrepreneur by name Udeme Daniel Umoh. The marriage introduction was performed without an error because Udeme was eager to provide what culture demands.

There is nothing admirable than when two people about to be joined as one (husband and wife) dressed up in traditional attire for traditional marriage.

On the 26th November, 2015, all eyes were on Precious and Udeme as they walked down to their parents to formally introduce each other in the presence of elders of the community, invited guests, friends and passers-by. Different groups which includes WISSCAM, Corps Members (Batch B stream 1), etc, were present at the vicinity of Mr Edet to celebrate with Precious and Udeme.

The wedding took place on Saturday, 28th November, 2015 at the Assemblies of God, Idoro Road opposite Tower of Ivory School.

It features inspirational and instructional song renditions by Contemporary choir, Achievers choir, etc.

The presiding minister preached on the topic; Marriage By Revelation. He cited the book of Genesis 2:15-24 as the source of this message.

                    Genesis 2:15-24 (NIV) 

He elaborated on the reasons for marriage and these are written as summaries below.

1. That man and woman join together to know God better.
2. To know your husband's (or wife's) modes of operations.
3. That your eyes will be removed from distraction.

He advised Previous/Udeme that things seen outside their matrimonial home should be considered as expired drugs, and they should take each other as first son/daughter.

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Good wishes from the author of www.pepetimsblog.blogspot.com to the family of Mr/Mrs Udeme Daniel Umoh. Congratulations!!!

Joseph Etim

Joseph Etim (B. Tech) is a blogger, mobile web developer and a tutor with a zeal for positive effects.

Website: Pepetimsblog

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