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Thursday, 16 August 2018

How Datally Assist You To Spend Less And Save More Money On The Internet

[Credit: Playstore] 
I am back to write something different this time other than my last update on Lunar Eclipse that occurred recently. Now, I am going to give you something that will help you to cut some of your expenses on the internet. This has motivated me to prepare for the succeeding composition.

I received a call from a friend of mine who has been facing a challenge of having to pay regularly for mobile phone data subscription. He complained that whenever his mobile data connection is on, he will experience a huge reduction in his data balance. I shared my experience with him and it yielded positive result. See what I performed below.

I downloaded an Android application called DATALLY into my phone when I was having a related issue, and it was helpful to me. Hence, I advised that datally would be useful in order to cut the expenses on buying mobile data. Thus, it allows you to save money for other purposes. Today, I want to share this information with Steemians so that you may have your data saved for the purpose of steeming.

If you have an Android phone like me, and you want to save your mobile data from being consumed illegally, you need to take a look at Datally, a Google app that helps you manage how much mobile Internet you are spending and save up to 30% of it. Let's see how it works!

Before I Kickstart, let me inform the iOS users that the app is not available for iOS. But, if you have seen any of it for iOS do well to let us know by replying below this post. For those of you in my category, that is, the Android users, you can download the application in the Play Store, activate the permissions and select data network of your operator. If it does not appear, just touch "Another Operator". Here, I am using GLO Data Network, and it does not appear. I have to select another network and move on. After you do this you can start using the application.

The application will indicate how much data you have already used. And just below it, you have the option to make some settings that will help save your data. Here, Google asks for your permission to set up a VPN connection, which is a Virtual Private Network that uses a public network to connect with your cell phone and measure your internet expenses. Just accept and activate Datally in the permissions.
[Credit: Playstore] 
There's another menu item called "Daily Limit". This is where you can choose the amount of data of from your network provider that can be spent per day. Just touch the function and put the limit that you think is best. When you reach that amount, you will receive an app notification and you will have the option to "ignore" or "block for today." This function is very cool! Isn't it? It allows you to decide on the amount of data, hence, you do not run the risk of spending more than planned.

Furthermore, there's another cool feature that makes the application loveable. That is, the "Visitor Mode". In this option, you can share your internet with your friends around and can still control the amount of data that will be used.

There are other options like the "Manage data", where you can see how much data you spent on the day, at what time, and the applications that use your mobile internet with the data gap.

Additionally, you can look for Wi-Fi networks using DATALLY, disable app access to the mobile network, and see in real-time how many megabytes your apps are consuming. With the application in your mobile phone, I am pretty sure that there is no way you would allow unwanted apps at the moment of surfing, to consume your data.

I succumbed to subscribing for 2 gigabytes of data that only last for two days. But, this app have lifted me up from those forces that promote spending of money on data day-by-day. Now, I enjoy my 2 gigabytes for a period of six days. This shows that I have been able to save more than a half of the money I spent on data previously without datally on my phone. 

I have posted this tutorial on Steemit. You may like to follow @Cutymeni. 
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